White Paper

Overcoming the Top 5 Challenges of Harmonic Measurement


Strict electromagnetic regulations require verification of emissions compliance of all wireless products. In the past, you could usually ensure compliance by examining typical spurious and harmonic emissions from a limited number of prototypes. However, current wireless technology has pushed the limits of semiconductor capabilities to the point where there is little margin between typical emissions and regulatory limits. As a consequence, it is no longer prudent to assume compliance based on testing a few prototypes. To guarantee compliance, it is often essential to measure emissions on a unit-by-unit basis in production.

This white paper provides a use case that illustrates the importance of harmonic measurements in modern wireless products, details several of the key challenges involved, and presents a newly available, cost-effective approach to harmonic measurement.


This white paper discusses: 

  • Use Cases for Harmonic Measurement
  • Tradeoffs to Harmonic Measurement 
  • Obstacles for Harmonic Measurement 
  • Harmonic Measurement Solutions
  • Challenges for Measuring Harmonics
  • Devices that Make Harmonic Measurement Easier 

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